Happy birthday @justinjames99 I love you a lot πŸ’™
  • kealiamaeHappy birthday @justinjames99 I love you a lot πŸ’™
  • hunterlehman6@thelittleschminx
  • jjwattofficalfanpagePlease follow!
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  • tbgoat03😊😊❀️❀️
  • mikeunt3@devinemama it's a rated R movie. You're a bad parent if you take your kids to that. Have some personal responsibility
  • devinemama@mikeunt3 @kealiamae Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right! I totally failed on the Mom test! When my daughter asked if she could go to the movie with a large group of senior guys and girls, I laughed and asked why they would want to see a movie about spit up and dirty diapers, but the kids wanted to see @justinjames99. The next morning, when I asked my daughter about the movie, she quietly said that she didn't like it. Three of the girls' moms and I went to see it the next night. All I could think was, "Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe that my daughter and those kids saw this filth!" My heart absolutely sank. I'm usually "that Mom" that calls other parents before a party to make sure that there will be adults, or even say no to a movie because I looked up the review on pluggedin.com. I don't know why I didn't look up the movie this time!!! I guess that never in my wildest dreams did I think that "The Boy From Pewaukee" would ever be involved in a movie that had elements of porn. It wasn't even remotely funny. It was gross and was a horrible example to young women, young men, and couples. After watching some of the movie and listening to two girls yelling about "...sucking JJ's cock", our group of moms got up and left. We were stunned. Not that it makes me feel better, but I'm hearing more and more stories about angry parents and disappointed fans. But I have learned two very valuable lessons: Never let down your guard when it comes to the protection of your children and never put your trust in man. (Psalms) God bless you and your family, and Happy Easter!
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  • that_one_black_guy2515I'd that john cena
  • that_one_black_guy2515Is*
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  • robertomc07@reinaldoandradeh achei ela
  • reinaldoandradeh@robertomc07 isso mesmo, atleta ela ainda mano 😍😍
  • bassasaurusrexYou and JJ would have some freakishly athletic babies. Cute couple.
  • sportsastoldbyagirl❀️
  • neeraj137So adorable ! 😍 Power couple 😊
  • chasin.dreams@devinemama. What movie is that os ot bad moms???
  • elatour@devinemama why do you feel it necessary to unleash all your negativity on a sweet birthday post of a happy couple? It's so strange to me to that a grown woman would take to social media to bash a guy (on his gf's post) who is grown and doesn't need to meet anyones ridiculous standards. Celebrate the amazing things to do with their celebrity status, the people they help, and the lives they have touched. That's what makes a person worth looking up to, not simply putting a bible verse at the end of a statement. @kealiamae @justinjames99 you guys are absolutely beautiful & it's amazing to see such a down to earth couple so in love.
  • katrina1913@tajgeorge
  • tajgeorgeI love you a lot too😘
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