I may have reflexively tapped on the paper with two fingers to undo more than once while drawing yesterday πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ Process! 1. Draw sketches that look like hot nonsense, and think "welp, this is terrible and I am a garbage person." (Not really... maybe.) 2. Stick with it because you really don't want to go back to working on the computer, and trace trace trace! 3. Looking better, and oh yeah I got one of them fancy Blackwing pencils and while I may roll my eyes at "fancy pencils" it's actually pretty nice. Very soft and very black! 4. Almost there.. 5. Photograph, clean up a little in Procreate, add glittery gold ✨ Remember that powering through the shitty phases of artwork almost always pays off in the end, and when it doesn't at least you probably got some worthwhile experience out of it 😊 #letteringprocess #artprocess
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