[MY INSPIRATION] 'When I was going through breast cancer, I often felt scanxiety ( the fear many women feel when attending cancer-related screenings and appointments). To cope, I would literally close my eyes in the waiting room, and I would visualise that I transformed into this strong and powerful statue. Her name is La Victoire, is the Goddess of Victory; she represents the unstoppable strength of the female spirit when she is faced with adversity.
La Victoire became my ally, enabling me to visualise - and feel- the feminine strength I badly needed to get through the bad times. A great thing is she also has wonky breasts - just like me!
She is the inspiration for one of my collections, La Victoire. I want women who wear the mastectomy bikinis in this collection to feel beautiful and strong, and happy within their own perfectly imperfect skin.
Visualising is one way to help yourself to cope with the negative impact of breast cancer. Tell me: what is your way to help yourself when going through scanxiety?
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