Aloha!! ☀️🌺🌴#beachbites #hawaii
  • katieleekitchenAloha!! ☀️🌺🌴#beachbites #hawaii

  • bethannbellLove Kapalua ❤
  • rladha9How do you stay in incredible shape surrounded by deliciousness! Share your secrets oh wise one! <3
  • rj100674You have a beautiful body!
  • shauuun_webbersick
  • sony47Love your IG stories, I look forward to always look like you're having so much fun and the food! 😍
  • glen.peterson1You are so beautiful
  • kealani58Aloha🌴🌴😎🌺🌸
  • highway2wellSick bod and i know you work hard for it!!! Can't wait for your show to start in June 👊🏻
  • roba58Welcome to beautiful Hawaii!
  • olivedonachie@roc_wavvy
  • rawfitgirlYou should pitch a show that features good food and also work out advice for how you keep your nice figure while still enjoying these good foods. Because you have an amazing body and you still eat all these foods. Maybe it can be a travel show where u showcase the local restaurants (like the "beach bites" show) but with the added feature of showing what you can do to stay active in the particular city (i.e. hiking or paddle boarding), or what YOU did specifically while there (even if it was just a workout in your hotel gym) i totally would watch that and i think a lot of women would. You look way better than most tv chefs and i think many would be inspired if they saw some ways to stay in shape like you!!!
  • djeterfan96Stunning! You inspired me to try the @tracyandersonmethod. I did my first 15 minute beginner workout today and made it through! Thank you thank you! 🙏🏻
  • nycbartender1@katieleekitchen your body is gorgeous! My dorm is getting withdrawal symptoms for a pedi pic!
  • miss_grismerlady_kayeLove it!
  • jennijenn2013Can't wait love it!!!
  • soldato585Your body is phenom mama ;))) #slayfest
  • sweetlifeandfitnessLove the stories and all that food!! 😍how in the world do you look so slim with all that food around??
  • chrisine_lee_Can u tell me how u maintain ur figure with all the food around
  • salcid0_Definitely gotta fill me in on your secret of staying so fit and eating so damn good!
  • earlgoldsmithMy Goodness Nice Form.....Beauty.....
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