Black and white photo tip #7B of 10 📷 Low contrast can work, too. Yesterday's tip discussed how contrast across the tonal range, from deep blacks to bright whites, can help increase the impact of a black and white photo. Black and white photos can also work WITHOUT maximum tonal contrast. Some photos work well when they contain only darker tones or only lighter tones. This photo, along with the one I shared yesterday🌤, help demonstrate this concept. Yesterday’s photo has a full range of tonal contrast, from deep blacks to bright whites. Today’s photo has only tones of gray and a few bright highlights🌧. Although both photos are of the same subject 🌲, the different amounts of contrast, along with the overall mood and composition, helps tell two very different stories. When I think about contrast choices in my own photography, I always try to be deliberate in matching up my processing choices with my goals for the photo. The initial grayscale conversion is the place to start and then I can increase or decrease the tonal range depending on my goals. Photo: Foggy Forest from Redwoods National Park.
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