• cmh312this is my friend geoff. geoff's a big softie with a heart of gold. he has the cubicle next to mine at work & is quite fond of throwing things at me, especially while i'm on the phone. one year on my birthday he thought it would be funny to soak cotton balls in menthol & hide them near my cubicle (i hate the smell of mint). needless to say, i went home early that day. one year on his birthday, geoff bought everyone's drinks all night, even though it should have been the other way around. around the time of my diagnosis, geoff came over with a big flannel heated blanket for me to wrap myself up in on bad days. several months later, i showed up at his 40th birthday party shortly after finishing chemo for good. it was the first time i'd seen my wisconsin friends again since they'd helped me pack my car up before the drive to michigan, where i received the first part of my treatment. i will never forget the look on geoff's face when i walked through the door. today, geoff drove me to radiation because i'm having trouble driving myself. geoff's a wonderful friend. geoff is kind, smart, thoughtful & generous with his love. be like geoff. ❤

  • nicholasclaudeYour journey moves me to tears with every gracious bit you share. Sending love and light. ✨✨
  • sandyhuenyoga❤❤❤😂
  • ahamatiI love geofff❤️❤️😍😍😍🤗
  • vahseeHahahaahaha I can't believe you let him live after the menthol balls 😂😂😂😂😂
  • maroochi5Geofff!!!!!!
  • nazpicture💟 ✌
  • gettabu💛💛
  • instawork.seattleAwesome feed!
  • whatsgoodjanine#visualfeels man 🌊 🌊 🌊
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