Icy like a slush in Ray Charles jacket at the White House last year πŸ‘‘ 
Photo by @duncan
  • leonbridgesofficialIcy like a slush in Ray Charles jacket at the White House last year πŸ‘‘
    Photo by @duncan

  • mrssugarpantsI loved your performance and you looked so fine too
  • badaraofficial🎩 🎩
  • mystorycafekkgreatly taken, best 😍
  • jbellahair@leonbridgesofficial Your album inspires me in a way I haven't felt inspired in a long time !its official your my favorite artist out now
  • carlycocca69Oh my god I've just found out that ur amazing song Smooth sailing is being used in the 7th episode of Grace and Frankie 😍😍 another success to be added to the one you've already reached!!πŸ’― still waitin for you to come to italy πŸ˜„
  • keswellHey, can you check out my account please? Thanks.
  • iamnaadyAw,its so cool!I love this style!
  • mamachanda@leonbridgesofficial just finished watching a Grace and Frankie episode- and one of your songs was playing during the credits! It was a nice surprise ❀ the fam send their best πŸ’–
  • emilybinghamAMAZING
  • vishanpBAAAAD
  • proph3cymusicbeen checkin out your stuff. keep at it!
  • daisycorner24Will you be coming to the UK this year??? @leonbridgesofficial
  • jessicanicholehuntYou're playing in Phoenix this Saturday and I cannot wait to hear you sing Coming Home- which happens to be my husband and I's wedding song ❀ you are exceptional. @leonbridgesofficial
  • frankie_ruggerioYou know the coolest thing is me expressing your music bit you too cool to see it
  • x.sarah.adams.xAll the way from the UK brother.. love your sound βœŒπŸ½πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ @leonbridgesofficial
  • getfitsara9Holy moly! Listening to Pandora under the playlist Alabama Shakes and "River" came on. I was like wow, what a beautiful song! So now I've listened to a few more of your songs and I'm blown away! Congratulations on your success and wishing you much more! πŸ’™ @leonbridgesofficial
  • sallpal_@hawn__solo
  • tom_tomlove@imedrano_
  • brian_samueWish you could had kept that jacket Leon!
  • dani.d_your voice is magical thank you for your work
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