After almost 12 hours of questioning from senators, Judge Gorsuch is still smiling. #SCOTUS #ConfirmGorsuch
  • senategopAfter almost 12 hours of questioning from senators, Judge Gorsuch is still smiling. #SCOTUS #ConfirmGorsuch
  • haliliskender4👏👏👏👌👍
  • justin.huppDo you like cherry pie?
  • justin.huppDo you think robots will ever work at summer camps?
  • justin.huppDoes Harley Dangerfield and Harley Davidson have any common connections?
  • justin.huppIf they do, do you think they ride motorcycles? Or not because of robots....
  • justin.huppDo you think seeing people is still a thing, because I heard a tree fell down in the forest and I was no where to be found
  • justin.huppIf aliens exist, can we adopt them as pets like E.T.? Or is that a civil rights issue, or do they apply for citizenshipship, at which point it is a human rights issue
  • justin.huppBut what if they are ewacks
  • justin.huppAnd they don't rely on government assistance
  • justin.huppIs the proof in the pudding?
  • justin.huppWho makes the pudding? I may not want to eat it.
  • justin.huppNo further questions
  • marimaruca👎👎
  • hiphopmystyleGo Neil Go
  • the238garageI think he is an idiot, he knows darn well the roe vs wade should be overturned. Get a real conservative in there.
  • joefrankloriaKilling bear cubs and wolf pups is unethical. Take your states rights bullshit and shove it up your asses!
  • babby.girl.jaiiExuse me but i just saw a post about killing bear cubs and wolves and honestly thats not right at all im literly discussed by your human nature killing these poor animals for nothing and some people just do it for fun like really rhis is the most dumbest law ive ever heard of and i dont think it should be made leave animals alone everyone has a purpose in this world including animals do you think god put then here so they can be killed for our amusment because i find nothing funny about this you might as well make it legal for humans to kill humans because thats whos making the world a dump you have the power to make the world better but ive seen nothing being done this is sick and i literly hate humans and hate how the world had to turn out #getridofthislaw #maketheworldabetterplace #animalshavelivestoo
  • samkaganWait what happened to Merrick Garland?
  • rohininagaretnam#GorsuchCanWait #ConfirmGarland
  • luke_fia96👍👍
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