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  • truthorangeBig Tobacco took the fight to keep cigarette ads near schools to the Supreme Court. And they won. Enlist to help us tell them to #StopProfiling (Link in bio)

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  • beryllium_nitrate@truthorange your organization is ignoring the critical fact that the Supreme Court is to decide upon what is constitutional. There should be absolutely no restriction on cigarette ads being near schools! You may not like it but if you put a restriction on that then where does one draw the line? It leads to the government regulation of all ads and thus begins to interrupt the free market which cannot happen in our capitalist and free society! We need companies- it is one's own decision whether to buy something or not. The businesses are just trying to make money.
  • lagrondin@beryllium_nitrate um yes but capitalism should not be promoted at the expense of our children...if the product is toxic , cancer causing and addictive to boot! Who is protecting the rights of our children?
  • nataleaveme.alone@lagrondin the point is, the only thing Supreme Court decides is constitutional or not constitutional, its black and white. I mean legit all they do is put it next to the constitution and determine whether it's in it or not. Yes, I disagree with cig advertising but if we don't like it, we need to pass a bill regarding its legality, not rely on Supreme Court to do that, because if supreme court bans one type of advertisement, how are we supposed to determine what they can and can't ban? I promise 1,000x more hell would be raised if big tobacco lost.
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