• daniellemoss_Back in Chicago and completely unpacked last night because I'm as Type A as it gets. I throw everything on the floor and don't stop till it's all put away. Anyone else with me?
    Feeling a little 🙃 thanks to what felt like the world's longest travel day and after living on a ☁️ the past week but there really is no place like home.
    http://liketk.it/2qJBG #liketkit @liketoknow.it

  • curlyinthecityCUrrently doing the unpacking thing while on a conf call!!! I'm the same way I hate it out, except now its x3 :P I miss you!!!
  • artistajax@catherine_p_ahern hahahaha
  • 26andnotcountingNo matter how late (or early) or how tired I am, I ALWAYS unpack. My friends think I'm crazy!
  • dspearlLove that unpacking trick, I always put it off!
  • leonamorelockI WISH!!! My suitcase stays on my floor for a week 😬
  • shopfilbertSame! 🙋🏻
  • thesassypeachI do the exact opposite 😂 it takes me days upon days to unpack lol!
  • anne.meredith.johnsonYes! I can't feel settled until I'm unpacked. Those grey Adidas are awesome
  • pairedwithproseccoThese sneaks are so cute!
  • lisahurst61🙋🏻I always unpack & do the laundry too as soon as we get home. Welcome back to reality! Looks like a wonderful trip you both had!Congrats from 🇨🇦!
  • junebug0408I bet your puppies were happy to see you!
  • mbmiller38@teddyballgame11 sneaks
  • ceolearyNope. I keep everything in the bag and until I can wash it. Everything I bring goes in the washer, whether it was worn or not. That is unless I get home early enough to do it right away.
  • abbeydomondI'm the same way!! I even wash all the dirty vacation clothes!!
  • thefieldingreport30 minutes after I get home it looks like I never left! It's the easiest way to get back in the swing of things!
  • mariferomanI'm the same way. If I don't do it immediately, It will stay that way for weeks.
  • christinekowtkoNice accent with the 💍!!! So happy for u❤️
  • michelleannwilkI do the same thing. I will pack days ahead of time but I have to unpack and start laundry the second I get home.
  • mandacarpenter🙋🏼SAME SISTA
  • redfairyprojectYup I'm the same 🙋🏼#Virgo #typeA
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