• millionwaystomother#Parenting: the days are long but the years are short. And some days are much longer than others. I know many people say bloggers only put on photos of the "perfect" life. I will be real with you right now. My life is far from perfect and I feel like I am drowning 9 times out of 10. Parenting is hard. It is not for the faint of heart. There is non stop laundry, cleaning, crying, homework, the whole nine yards. But as I lay here I wouldn't trade a single bit of my exhaustion for any of it. Tonight as I was telling my #mom I feel like I am doing everything half way my daughter chimed in. She said, "Mom, I know something you are doing perfect. Being a mom!" Those are the moments that make it all worth it.
    So if you are feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, spread too thin, you are not alone and keep on swimming. Share just one good thing you did today below! Even if it is just got out of bed😩😉
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  • whitneeyoungYou rock! And I told grandma the other day that I'm only getting by because I'm doing everything mediocre. I feel you and we can stick together!😘
  • millionwaystomother@whitneeyoung yup that's me over here mediocrity
  • beccihadI remember those same thoughts. And look how wonderful you all turned out. Your children adore you and will for eternity. I love you 😘
  • imjilldayOh you are not alone! I have been having those same thoughts today. This morning Kevin and I both slept through our alarms and our 9 year old got ready for school and out the door to carpool by herself 🤦🏼‍♀️. At least she's independent?😂 But I did do laundry and feed my kids dinner so I feel like I am making some progress. I have to celebrate the small victories over here.
  • kerrypriceandcoStory.of.my.life : burnt out, overwhelmed, spread to thin, depressed, tired : story.of.my.frickin.life
  • millionwaystomother@imjillday you have an infant and deserve to get some sleep! Look at what a fabulous daughter you are raising! You amaze me!
  • millionwaystomother@kerrypriceandco you aren't alone my life as well! You are doing great Kerry!
  • life.of.a.sisterYou rock girl! I love you so much! And your kiddies are the best! Your killing the mom thing!
  • brittnishiI played with both of my kids for maybe 20 min each and held them separately and quietly for probably 5 min! I'm happy with those minutes!! I know it means the world to them and makes my heart super happy! #momlife is definitely not for the faint of heart - you are so right!!! 😘😘
  • britijeanToday was actually a good day -- got up, showered, meds for the boy, played all morning and even pulled weeds before an afternoon appointment of Benson's, got home and put him down for a laaaaate nap and he didn't fall asleep (just played in his bed for an hour) - I usually have an inward freak out when he doesn't take a nap cuz I dread the bed time orneriness of a toddler who didn't nap - but today I was totally cool with it (miracle, I tell you!), then went in and rearranged his room (bought some new furniture this weekend & finally put it in there) & while Bret finished up I made dinner (which I've been slacking on for the past month #realtalk)... Then I even got to go out with my SIL for a late night movie to finally see Beauty & the Beast! So today was a bunch of little wins -- but trust me, last Monday was the polar opposite. Even with a day of "wins" I still feel overwhelmed by all I lacked ... I didn't make breakfast (we had a "brunch") and I forgot to pray at dinner, & didn't make time for FHE, and still haven't read my scriptures today. I was just saying to my SIL tonight that I feel I wear too many hats and suck at all of it (mediocre at best)... I think that's a plague of a woman/mom. It's so rough to feel inadequate but still love & wouldn't change one single ounce of it. At the end of the day our babies bellies are full(ish - depending who the child is) and their hearts are definitely full of the love we give and they give in return. Being a mom it sometimes feels there's a harsh light we put on ourselves in all the ways we are "dim", but truly, our kids see our lights as bright and if we would only see ourselves as our children do I think we would be much better off. Sometimes it's hard to remember we are "enough" and our best efforts really are the best... Whatever that means, our "best" may change day by day, but as long as we aim for it we will do just fine. ❤️.
  • ashtonscurr💜
  • marissacrompton@whitneeyoung that's how I feel about teaching right now haha 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • arvoSo good
  • babylovescurrySo sweet 😍
  • treatsandtrendsLove that watch!
  • marvhadfieldYou are a fabulous mother just enjoy 😘
  • millionwaystomother@britijean I love you Brit. You are one of the best people I know. Seriously. Thanks for making my entire night with your sweet words. Benson is so lucky to have you. ❤️-Ashton
  • lolo_webbLove this! 😊❤
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