• halfbakedharvestYOU GUYS! The Half Baked Harvest cookbook cover is here! 🙀 🙀 The book has been two plus years in the making and in six short months it will be released to the world! Giving a sneak peak inside the book on the blog today. <--check it out and tell me what you think of the cover (link in profile). ⚡️
    GIVEAWAY: without you guys the HBH cookbook would not have been possible. To say thank you, I am giving away a copy of the book! To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me what you are most excited for in the HBH cookbook and tag a friend who you know would also love the cookbook! For a second chance to win head over to the site. Giveaway ends Thursday. 😉
    LASTLY: just thank you guys all so much for your continued support. Trying to make my way through all the comments left on the site today and I am in shock. so many kind words. You guys are the best. 😘#halfbakedharvestcookbook #hbhcookbook

  • nosogirlI'm most excited to look at all the pretty photography. The cover shot is great! @diannehaerr
  • jefftincher@cathytincher yum
  • leeyoojcCongrats on the cookbook! I can't wait for more exciting recipes :)
  • achristinehueyI am excited to drool over all of these beautiful photos! and the desserts of course!
  • diannehaerr@nosogirl I love cookbooks 😁
  • my0thrslfI'm most excited to use your delicious healthy recipes at my new job! I'm a chef at a assisted living care home for the physical and mentally disabled and I'm trying to change their eating habits from previously processed food menus to tasty healthy food menus! So far my first week has been great but I'm really looking forward to showing them how amazing healthy homemade food is and get them excited about eating healthy even when your treating yourself! And your cookbook would really help 😊
  • 1017jsdCongrats!!! Your mushroom tacos with kale & pineapple slaw are a fave :)
  • k_noland@lncraver so excited for this! Looking forward to some new creative Mexican-inspired dishes! #halfbakedharvestcookbook
  • anniewalkingYay!! Just preordered!!! Can't wait 😊
  • haileygrausteinSO excited to see these GORGEOUS photos of delicious food and being able to try and recreate these rustic and inventive recipes! #halfbakedharvest @halfbakedharvest #halfbakedharvestcookbook ❤❤ @marielcatherine
  • fauxfashSo excited to make more of your delish recipes - they never disappoint!!! @nurse__jackie
  • seaglass27Your recipes are unique, flavorful, and a super fun and tasty diversion from the same old dishes so easy to find in books and online. I hope your cookbook is fabulously successful because you deserve it!
  • helen.mesfinYay! Congratulations! So excited! @zemenreda
  • hollynst85Just preordered! So excited!
  • rosedeboerYummmm!!! @jmkranz
  • nklepkaCan't wait!!!
  • lorilcardozaLove! Love! Love Half Baked Harvest! ❤
  • xo__shann@nbridges6 Can we eat this
  • floridagldLove the cover! Bowls are trending and delicious..id love because many of your recipes speak to me to make..a tropical southern flare..I love cookbooks, food and recreating. You have talent for food and design. Congratulations! @thestonegableblog
  • hnnhsllrs1@merrmiller
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