Today is also the Day Of Happiness! 😃 There are fifty ideas of ways to spread happiness on the blog (search on 💻, but here are ten to get you started!! 🎈 Dance in public 🎈 Give someone an unusual compliment 🎈 Give high fives 🎈 Sing loudly in your car 🎈 Throw a surprise party for no reason 🎈 Share embarrassing photos of you as a child 🎈 Point out fun shapes in clouds 🎈 Leave silly voicemails 🎈 Leave a generous tip with a nice note 🎈 Carry ridiculous, large, and/or colorful things with you in the street to be a free spectacle ❔ How do you spread happiness? ⤵ Share below! // 📷: @maurahousley #uncustomarylove
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