Tap video for sound
  • mrcheesycamThe #Decimator #MDHX is truly the 'Swiss Army knife' of video tools for anyone who deals in Live Switching. Sometimes you're asked to connect a feed from an unknown output, or mix your feed. The #MDHX can cross convert HDMI to SDI (or vice versa), as well as Scale resolution and framerate (up and down). You can make all the changes right through the menu and lcd. Without any instructions I pretty much figured it out in a few seconds.. peep @dvestore http://DVEstore.com for a large variety of #Decimator products..

  • djpetealexanderI always try and have a pair of these on set with me at all times.
  • skubiskubi@profkatts @iamnyingez
  • metaljeffmodsYep, true lifesavers
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