• darkgravityI just watched Jeremy Scott - The People Designer documentary on netflix and it was really inspiring. I see a lot of parallel's with me and @itsjeremyscott . I always feel like an outsider in the design world. I always fee like an underdog and always has to work harder than my contemporaries. We both grew up in a rural area and always feel misplaced, which really surprised me because his work looks modern and pop. It was really hard when I first move to the city. There was this then "famous" local designer who totally judged me because I failed to answer Stefan Sagmeister (his idol) when he asked me who was my favorite designer. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of Stefan's work but had to deny it for a long time because of how this guy treated me.
    In the documentary, Jeremy has to struggle with a lot of challenges. A school he wanted to attend rejected him because they did not see his potential. Nobody would hire him when he tried applying for a job in Paris. It's as if the whole universe is against him. I had to go through the same struggle all the time as well. I always have to be the best on what I do because I can't count on my social skills to carry me :) Over the past 3 months I have been listening to WTF Podcast by Marc Maron while I was working on my papercuts. I usually watch movies while i work, but I love my fingers more than I love watching movies. I got inspired by the stories of Louie CK, Asiz Ansari. These are people who are always tupecastwd to a certain role. They not that Hollywood leading man material but they were able to star on their own show by writing their owns stories. They didn't wait for people to give them a break but pursue it on their own. Same with what Jeremy Scott did. He organised his fashion show on his own. These people are my hero.
    While we are in the subject of fashion. I was recently asked why I always dress up. I told the person that it's basically mu armor. I had an experience where I went on a job interview where the person interviewed me apparently cancelled my interview because I asked to be rescheduled. When I showed up unexpected, the person still treated me well because I look the part.

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  • larabeestonI *love* you're use of colour, so vibrant and beautiful! I find getting a cohesive colour palette together tricky.
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  • theletteringoddessSo cooooooool...
  • peoniesandpaletteThis is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this story. It inspires me to hear you never gave up especially when things were difficult. 👍
  • eduarvenlove the blue wings… 👌🏼
  • joshrenouf🙌
  • neonsplitzLove that dude @itsjeremyscott he's so inspiring!
  • __beyeryou're such an inspiration @darkgravity
  • kahidlawVery inspiring during these trying times, ty 🌼
  • derekalvarezartVery nice! 😃
  • machineastYou're inspiring! ❤
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