• emmawhitneyphotographyI want to share with you @christydawn, the maker of this divine dress. I've told you all about Christy before and I will again and again because of how much I adore what she creates and wholeheartedly believe in what she does. Christy is a kind loving woman who created a business, which adorns women in the most special way. There is nothing overt about her clothes. They are special and effortless and unique and they make people want to get close to them. I am asked about what I am wearing every single time I wear one of her pieces, always from women, I believe because we are searching for this kind of thing. What they don't know when they ask, though I am sure to tell them, is that she only uses dead-stock fabric, which is fabulous for the environment, and she only hires people in the US to sew the clothes and pays them an actual living wage, which is so not the norm. Another thing I love is that she loves uplifting other women and supporting them by sharing on her website's Friends of Dawn page. I share Christy Dawn with you again, today, because this dress is outrageously gorgeous and she is having a giveaway and of course I would cry from joy to win this dress, however, I am also sharing because she deserves to be celebrated and shared with everyone so that they too can feel amazing in the clothes they wear, knowing they came from all the best intentions and so much love. Please go and check out her page and sign up for her newsletter, she is constantly designing new things and you don't want to miss out on any of them! #LoveMyChristyDawn so so much!!

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