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  • thebloggessMy sister and I found the seals and now we want to be them.

  • ckc07You're in my city!! Welcome
  • anbmommy2Is the La Jolla Cove?
  • hunnybadger0404You want to be them until you smell them.
  • nico_puffThey are the best! They make me so happy. 😍
  • marisa372Except when they get chased by sharks and whales!
  • darthdelanieI love how the farthest one can clearly be seen to snarl "goddammit!" As the waves roll in again.
  • the.things.you.saidQuite the life.
  • winkingfoxfinkingwoxThis reminds me of the Vonnegut book, Galapagos.
  • momitforwardSeals are mesmerizing.
  • thingamabrarianThey really have life figured out
  • amyaddsthey look so fricken happy
  • ecstaticraccoon_88They should be part of The Bloggess Tribe's mascots. Because they are so good at being lazy. That's how you counter anxiety. Just lay around doing nothing.
  • amanda_npeThat one near the water squirming when the wave hits them... that one's me.
  • ksbrodisThe SELKIES!
  • kimberlydiI'll be there at the end of May this year. Did you catch the SD Zoo?
  • sallynoelleLa Jolla!! Or as I used to call it when I lived there, La Holla!!! I'm so sad I missed you. I live in the Bay Area now and couldn't get my chronically ill body to get down there. Not enough spoons. 😢
  • taylor.joanLa Jolla is beautiful.
  • marthaann53Ahhh La Jolla coves. ❤
  • kit.miller@thebloggess La Jolla is the BEST for snorkel and seals and kayaks and swimming - I love it!! Seriously though, how bad is that seal smell?
  • snartziI'm pretty sure that one on the right is just me in a Speedo.
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