• lagustaslusciousMaybe if you're worried you've lost your zest for life and even finding a new vintage pantyhose insert for your wall of vintage pantyhose inserts doesn't perk you up, might I suggest independent underground media? Did you change outfits three times this morning while listening to the Psychic TV song you listen to in the mornings? You might need zines. Disclaimer: zines might only be a short term solution that gets you through 3/4 of the day whereupon you might need to scrimp up & buy a vintage Betsey Johnson wiggle dress on Etsy. Zines and Betsey Johnson and #thepigoutbar and #furiousvulvas and chocolate bars made with corn are gonna get us through, babies. As John said to Paul, only without the malice & irony: whatever gets you through the night. #zineoftheweek

  • leporidsThose drawings and script 😍
  • american.dagger😍😍😍
  • katie.l.e.eThat portrait of you!!!! Omg!!! 😍
  • agreenballoonOmggg
  • thanluusooooooo coooooooo!!!!!
  • meagan.maeWhat do you want more of in your life? What do you want less of?
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