Wise words from my insightful and inspirational #HeroOftheMonth and palliative care specialist, Dr. B.J. Miller. xo

#spirituality #hospice #love #compassion #medicine #instagood #death #quote
  • crazysexykrisWise words from my insightful and inspirational #HeroOftheMonth and palliative care specialist, Dr. B.J. Miller. xo

    #spirituality #hospice #love #compassion #medicine #instagood #death #quote

  • staceycrewcoachI so enjoyed his TED talk. Compassion in action!! 🙏🏻
  • janine.fournier@nikkiprince
  • amandamattilaLoved this talk.
  • thekensingtonmethod🦋💙
  • dana21027I understand this so deeply. Since losing my Dad 3 years ago I see life so differently; his legacy is one of strength and positivity and hope. My perspective shifted with my Dad's loss and now I see life as limitless opportunities to live as he did, and to be the best me I can be. Life is not without loss or pain, but it's chock full of beauty and love too, if we allow ourselves to seek and find it while we have our time 💖
  • traceyvtGreat pick for hero of the month! ❤️
  • emwharrisReally good!
  • meforwedesign#Truth #AwarenessAwakeAlive #Freedomfromburdens
  • nickola_mae😭😭😭😭 right now I'm like. Struggling to see the point of life when the people you love can just be ripped away from you. 💔 the struggle of grieving is real
  • ltucker619Glad you brought him to our attention. Pretty inspirational .
  • samson_jkI loved this TED talk!! It was sooooo good!
  • ourgoddessmovement❤❤
  • amersfaceKris I just read your BEAUTIFUL story/tribute to Buddy. I've followed your story about him since the day you found him. I just sobbed reading it! So incredibly heartfelt and beautifully written. You truely are an angel sweet sweet @crazysexykris 😘😘😇. Angels are watching over you too honey 🙏🏻. I just adore you💞
  • sandrakurvitsI literally cried the whole time I was reading your last post about Buddy, unknowing the end of the story. I don't start crying so easily. I might felt your energy and love in your writing. It was sad, but heart-warming at the same time. ❤ I send Lot's of love to You.
  • shanasweeneyJust read your tribute to Buddy, cried my eyes out. Buddy will not only get to meet your peeps but mine too. Buddy will get to meet our Buster boy, Cloud, Scarlett, Cheyanne, and Charlie. They are all our furry family. Sending you and your family so much love and big giant hugs. ❤❤❤🐶🐶🐶😘😘😘
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