• jmjpattersonWe knew it was coming. This is not the whole story but it's a big part of it. Check the link in my bio for an article by Ethan Varian in @laweekly

  • leggypeggyNooo 💔 thank you for the memories ❤️❤️
  • rockographyYeah
  • ela.be💔
  • stasi_snapsI'm sorry
  • emmsees💔😭
  • abc_interactive:(
  • richard_macleod357Super bummed I never got a chance to make it out there. Hopefully you got something else in the works.
  • tayloradamsdesignsSometimes in order to move on to the next step the previous one has to disappear (I didn't mean that to sound so zen-like. It's just that I've lived long enough to see changes as steps to our futures and not just as losses)
  • chickamungusOoooo noooooo.😫
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