• superfitbabeStill physically recovering from yesterday's 10K-turned-5K...and even eating half of what I initially aimed for was one of the most challenging feats, and I felt like I was going to die...yeah, I can say that I was warned by people who did complete this challenge successfully. I don't know how y'all do it. 😷🤒🤢
    I will say, though, doing this challenge really propelled me to make some bomb-ass food, including this gluten free lemon blueberry breakfast cake from @thebigmansworld blog--I made it with @bobsredmill gluten free flour and @bellplantation PB2 and topped it with blueberries, @cpcampusdining raspberry jam, and a frosting of a mix of @vega_team sport performance vanilla protein and @growingnaturals brown rice protein! I ended up eating half of the cake before I hit the "food coma" wall. Whether or not the whole challenge was worth it, I have no idea. 🤷🏻‍♀️ On the bright side, I woke up this morning loaded with energy for my workout, which is much better in comparison to those who did complete the challenge all on junk food. I do know that the pros of junk food is that it's so much easier to complete, but you feel worse, whereas sticking to whole plant foods as I did had the opposite effect. 🍰🍔🍬🍕🌿🍓🍋🍠
    Anyways, I was debating on uploading it to YouTube since the challenge turned out so miserably lame, but I will upload the recipes for sure! At least it was a somewhat interesting experience! 💛😅
    #superfitbabe #plantbased #hclf #wslf #rawtill4 #nutrition #health #diet #bestlifeproject #glutenfree #thebigmansworld #vegan #spooncalpoly

  • lovehealthokDrooling over this! Yes upload it!!!!!
  • movewithmariUPLOAD IT. And then make a part 2 Redemption challenge when (and if) you want to try it again later on.
  • wetrainsocial🙌 👏
  • thefittyOmg yes I wanna see it! Will you email it the link??
  • snowflakesandstrawberriesAww 5k is still pretty impressive though🙈👏 I'd definitely want to see the video😉💓 Also, that cake looks very delish!😍👌
  • on_dat_grindOmg sounds hard! Good job though!
  • superfitbabe@lovehealthok It was TO DIE FOR. I swear if I spaced out my meals, I would've eaten the whole cake in a day! And thank you for the feedback! 💖💖💖
  • superfitbabe@movewithmari Aww thanks darling! That is the best idea EVER. If I ever decide to do it, I'll have to really strategize everything 😏❤️
  • superfitbabe@wetrainsocial 😘💜
  • superfitbabe@thefitty Hahaha thanks gorgeous! I will when I edit it at home!
  • superfitbabe@snowflakesandstrawberries Hehe thank you so much dear!! I probably will upload it but cringe while editing everything 😅🤗💕 The cake was amazing! Highly recommend you try it!
  • superfitbabe@on_dat_grind you have NO IDEA 😵😵😵 thanks so much!
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