A big hey-howdy-hey to those of you new to my feed 👋 I'm Kirstie ("Keer-stee") a flower princess, daydreamer, french bulldog mama, travel junkie, and current grad student. I have big heart eyes for Disneyland corn dogs, pen pal'ing, bullet journaling, rainy days, and seeing the world. I got to live abroad in Denmark last year for grad school (#kirstieincopenhagen), and I wrote a blog about all my European adventures (whereiskirstie.com). 🤓 It also has lots of good stuff from the Disney Parks I've visited (all except HKDL & Shanghai), if that's more your thing. I hope all you lovelies enjoy following along! I'm so grateful for this here Mickey lovin' community, and for all the genuine friendships it's helped forge. ❤
pc: @shurgot
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