This is my homie Rafi (Rafael). He is a magical healer who I met at the New Life Expo this weekend.  When I had a headache, Rafi helped me heal.  He used mantra, prayer, sound vibration and energy healing to open the crown energy at the top of my head, where I had absorbed everything going on around me--all of the people filtering into the expo, the energy of the other exhibitors, everything. 
____ I'm an empath and am extremely sensitive to my surroundings.  I take everything in like a sponge.  I've recognized how this affects me emotionally, but didn't realize how it has affected my physical body-- I get headaches frequently, but never really associated them with energetic overwhelm. 
____ Rafi reminded me that when the head (the crown) and the heart are open, there is no pain.  I thought this was such a beautiful and profound thing to share.  Let's continue to open our crowns, to connect with source, and to open our hearts so that love can flow free from pain.  Sat Nam! ✨❤🌹
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