#Kindness is the most priceless gift one can ever give.  Discover #TheKindnessDiaries, now streaming on @netflix: http://nflx.it/2lDguk8
  • llogothetis#Kindness is the most priceless gift one can ever give. Discover #TheKindnessDiaries, now streaming on @netflix: http://nflx.it/2lDguk8

  • sasha_marie0324Just finished watching the last episode today! Absolutely loved it!!!!! Cried ever darn episode hahahhaha
  • willdebeeI loved every episode and my wanderlust grew 100% Great things you did and happy that you shared it with the world!
  • dundasgirl6Was great seeing you in person last week in Burlington ON with @ashleighmccheung - looking forward to the electric car adventure
  • tylerosterkampCried every episode lol. Keep it up, man.
  • alexandracowqueenWe received your book@today, Leon! Thanks for giving a thrill to our household and especially my young teen who has found inspiration and life lessons in each episode #thekindnessdiaries
  • chardejonesmusicLoooved the series!! Definitely sharing with everyone, including my children this week. The tears were abundant in our household. Thanks for sharing your journey.
  • jackthefuzzycatI am sad because I have watched all the episodes, I love them so much. 🌸
  • thaijennHi Leon. I sent you a DM. I hope you have a chance to read it as I am so elated by your cause and want to contribute. Please read when you have a chance. You are such an inspiration and have no idea how much everything you are doing is helping me and countless others. Thank you 🙏
  • chicky_p0oLoved this show!! Might watch it again. Its a nice break away from Hollywood and politics. Thank you 💕👍🏼🌎🌍
  • behindtheshield911Totally binge watched this show. Can't wait to publish my interview with Leon on Wednesday!! 😃
  • nath_xo_Isn't he great!! There's something magnetic about him... Spreading kindness like confetti's!! The series was amazing ..Loved every single one of them!!🙏looking forward for your next series.
  • hellohongkongtoursThis is wonderful :)
  • secondhelpingsboutiqueI have been so so touched by this series! Thanks for your inspiration. ❤ #kindnessprevails
  • llogothetis@willdebee use it! Embrace the wanderlust and #gobekind
  • ltuinenburgI NEED more of your Kjndness Diaries please!! It's such an uplifting program!
  • cynthiakomlo"Healing the world with you" ✌🏻@cynthiakomlo
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