• priscillawoolworthGood Bug Blooms
    Pretty packet of seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed company and available at Pine Plains Emporium, where my book LOLA also happens to be❤️💙
    Attract beneficial insects to your garden by planting flowers they love: Zinnias, Cosmos Sweet Alyssum, Flax, Chamomile and Blue Cornflowers.
    Green lacewings in particular, love these flowers and will reward you generously by laying eggs in your garden. The eggs will hatch into "aphid lions" and voraciously devour insects pests.
    The art is by Eco artist and activist Christy Rupp. Her art investigates natural resources - who owns them, who gets to use them, and who is left out.
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  • phgrunebaumThey have the most beautiful artwork on their seed packets too!
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