Good stories shape hearts!
  • sally.clarksonGood stories shape hearts!

  • junedoran@sally.clarkson which book is that from? The different book?
  • thejoyfulkeeper@sally.clarkson I loved the podcast. Looking forward to hearing more. I really want my children to love reading but only one of the older ones has a real love of it, so far. They all LOVEe reading aloud, though, so I keep pressing on. (And you can imagine how much "his toe touched me" that I have amongst my 9 - I feel like some kind of negotiator....! 😆)
  • olgablagoevaI love ❤️ ❤❤ all that you do! Your books, podcasts, posts fill my life with so much Inspiration! HUGE THANK YOU for your AWESOME WORK💐💐💐😘👍❤️❤️❤️
  • lindsay.j.bI love bedtime stories! Tonight my 7 yr old and I reached chapter 4 of our new Secret Seven book.....I love how stories grip him so much
  • toast4mandyYes! This!
  • tyfb_ginnyI usually save your podcasts for the car, but when I saw it was a new storyformed one, I had to listen while I made dinner tonight instead. I enjoyed it and look forward to hearing more. My husband and I both grew up being read aloud to. I now realize just what a gift that is in so many areas.
  • hepburnclanFellow Mama's please help what is best eReader option for good quality & popular early chapter books for young readers (K-3). Traveling & don't have access to traditional books & library. Thinking Amazon Freetime but not sure...thanks in advance!
  • annaespinoza77Do you have a booklist of your favorite read alouds posted anywhere?
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