A selection of my resources for the book I'm writing. This one might actually kill me but no one will be able to say I didn't do my homework. #whydidichoosethistopic #pleaseLordhelp 😳😉
  • angiesmith19A selection of my resources for the book I'm writing. This one might actually kill me but no one will be able to say I didn't do my homework. #whydidichoosethistopic #pleaseLordhelp 😳😉

  • joyjoygigiPraying for you, Angie! Can hardly wait to read the finished product!
  • toddsmithonlineIt's going to be amazing!
  • aprilh1104Yay!!!!! Can't wait to read!!!
  • brittneepI'm excited about this!!
  • mrskellystampsWhatever it is - I can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!🙌🏻😜
  • princesswithoutacountryCan't wait to read your new book!
  • psalm1139This made me smile since you are my favorite author and I've been craving some more of your writing!! You will rock it!
  • alliworthingtonOh I see some great ones in that stack 😍😍😍😍 Get it, girl
  • leahjo5Brilliant
  • traci3098Can't wait either !!
  • mcintsiLooks like you might need a bigger Starbucks! 😉😂
  • tiffanydhughes0716Just got done with our 5th session of Seamless! We're in Cinci and loved hearing your alma mater is here also!! 💓 This study is amazing and just what my new to the faith friends needed 😍
  • angiesmith19@tiffanydhughes0716 I went to Sycamore!!!! And thank you for your sweet words:) 😘
  • tiffanydhughes0716@angiesmith19 awesome!!! I'll be sure to tell them 😂 we were googling for info like crazy lol! 😘
  • angiesmith19@tiffanydhughes0716 whoops! Accidentally deleted me response:) if anyone lives near Montgomery, I grew up at 11343 terwilligers valley lane:) I love that place-and graeters and larosas and skyline and NOW I NEED TO VISIT AND EAT. 😘
  • tiffanydhughes0716That's awesome! My hubby and I are SEND church planters in Northside (it's not as scary as it was a few years ago 😂), when you visit again you MUST have a donut from Bonomini Bakery and eat at Eli's Bbq at Finley Market- best ever!! 😍 Our family loves to visit us...for the food 😂
  • thegirlwholovedeverythingI'm saying this as a friend...your coffee isn't big enough! ☕️☕️ Unless that's 6 shots with a splash of milk. No one is tackling that stack of books and writing hard things with a tall latte! 😂
  • jennnutterCan't wait to read what you have in store for us! Seamless was amazing and I loved every moment of it!
  • staceyvenemaI appreciate that you are putting so much work into other resources! It's beautiful that you are willing to learn from others! I also see that you have the book "mind sight" in that stack! Such a good book. I work as a social worker but my job is to use EEG biofeedback to help the brain heal itself. The brain is so fascinating and the way God heals is even more incredible! Praying for you and your writing!
  • chandeliergroveCompleted Seamless with a 50 women in the barn you busted in Tomball, Tx. We all loved it. New believers, unbelievers and old believers. I had a young woman visit me in the barn recently. She is headed to Kenya to meet a group of young women. I gave her the Seamless study. She will be going through it with them. Who knew from a barn in Tomball to a village in Kenya. Pretty cool. Come back and see us.
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