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  • prvbsthirtyonegirlMy motives for homeschooling have changed over the years. It went from not wanting to be apart from my kids all day, to wanting to sleep in 😆🙈 to the latest which is foster best friends between the siblings and watch their relationships prosper. Seriously, best.blessing.ever. I'm so grateful they have each other and that they love each other...most of the time 😉😜❤️. #homeschoolingforthewin #siblinglove #myfamilyrocks

  • happylaughs6So darn cute. And I agree I love how good a friends my kids are.
  • livnationBeautiful 🌸🌿🌼☺️
  • 4carverslove2buildAwesome!! From one homeschool mom to another 👊🏻😍
  • angelajwellmanSo cute!! Good job creating a place for their friendships to grow!! 😍❤️
  • diy_idiotWe home schooled both our girls. Now, they are Godly women!
  • diy_idiotBest decision we ever made (along with a ton of prayer)....
  • riggstownroadYes!! ❤
  • the.mrs.107Absolutely! All those reasons. 🙌❤️👏
  • littleredbrickhouseYes! That's the exact reason we homeschool too! Gotta squeeze every ounce out of those 18 years.
  • tomyoung4972What you doing Ruby?
  • leahroshelleIt hurts my ears watching Tate do that!!! 🙉🙉🙉
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