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  • mattmcgorry**EDIT It seems that the officer lied about his badge number as well...just FYI** Please put your volume on. This was on Friday. Please swipe left for details. The writing is not as clear as I would've liked but wanted to get it out ASAP and kept writing too many drafts. (Feel free to tag people and share in whatever way- media outlets have permission to use this video).

  • le_brittt@hrhfedelle I think I'm for sure in love???
  • illusionstwiceYou really did stir up shit for no reason. Doesn't look to be anything shady going on for you to start recording. Sounds like you're just trying to get your name out there more so you can creep from C list to A list celebrity since OITNB is your only recognizable role lol.
  • agplessnerGod I love him @itschelsduh @ajp04
  • oepascalThank you for standing up to those bullies!
  • market_burgersthank you
  • kcallee@amiisiidhu the point is he is filming someone doing nothing out of the normal and being a dick to them for no reason... then sharing it with people because he has a bigger "voice" and the officers then are looked and negatively. Makes no sense why he would do it. What, we're just all supposed to film every police officer doing their job? That's ridiculous. And you have no idea how I would feel of a shooting on camera. You didn't prove anything... u just kinda talked
  • schnarblesYou are awesome. End of story
  • whitepeople4blacklivesWell done Matt, it is inspiring you have the courage and compassion to stand up for what is right and challenge injustice and inequality. You are a hero ✊️
  • chavezivanThank you for the Matt, you're truly an inspiring human being with courage and compassion for others. I am glad those with a bigger voice based on their platform as being a celebrity- using it for the better. It is not right that my people of color get detained or stopped in traffic because of their color of skin because of stereotypes. God bless you man! Wish you the best.
  • talia_grossYou are such an incredible human being.
  • ilayam11@elawsi
  • elawsi@ilayam11 is this in the US or Canada?
  • zephreylondon#filmthepolice
  • esseteworkinehI love this!!✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
  • krissylantzWhat was the police officer doing wrong that prompted you to film him?
  • sofiasmartin@daywave
  • jasmine.brittany@jonessrach omg I love him
  • dana.marie25Inspired! Love this and such an amazing out look as to how we can all help each other as a community
  • londonclhe simply wanted his privacy, is there anything wrong with that? I don't think so. You point out the fact in this video that people video tape cops killing people, so let me just ask you if one cop makes a mistake you automatically have a hatred towards all police officers? So just because one police officer makes a mistake you feel the need to walk up to a random police officer and video tape him to state ur opinion on police officers. It was none of your business to pull over because you didn't like that a cop pulled over a car? Are you kidding me grow up, it's the real world.
  • polyvianna@londoncl good point
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