• sffitmomHelp!
    I need some serious parenting advice. This srongg willed little boy is such a joy and a pleasure. I call him my literally sour patch child, because he's super sour and then he's amazingly sweet.
    What are some ways you teach and foster strong willed children without being overly stern all the time? I find myself using my 'stern voice' a little too often with him and hate that! I want to foster his individuality but I also want to teach respect and kindness.
    Not to mention I also loathe the looks of other parents who think I'm coming down too harsh on him, they obviously haven't met him yet. But seriously, what are some things you've found helpful with your strong willed children that don't make you out to be the 'mean mom' all the time?! #ifeellikeimfailing #strongwilledchild #heavenhelpme #parentingadvice #sirrhys

  • heidieadamsReading the book "Raising Your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka helped me gain a new understanding of my strong-willed Tommy!
  • hiking.vikingOmg !!! My 4 year old strips off ALL of his clothes every day after school and dresses up like a princess for the rest of the day, and he's been BEGGING for a full "Sophia" costume for a week. I find that he is actually *mirroring* the looks I give HIM. So just be aware of the faces you give your child, because it is likely that he is mirroring you. (Not your wardrobe but your faces and attitude towards him). 🤔
  • melpat511That is 100% Quinn! I have accepted that the stern voice is necessary with her. The only other option is to physically touch her to get her attention (which doesn't work when I'm across the room elbow deep in raw chicken). She gets so "in the zone" that if my voice doesn't change it doesn't register that she needs to stop or adjust her behavior. Also, I swear the last month before she turned 5 was magical. Suddenly some maturity kicked in and her rational is better. Now that she understands the reason she's quicker to adjust. Strong-willed is SOOO hard! ❤ Raising Your Spirited Child, have it on audible and paperback 😂
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