• jolenehartEAT PRETTY SPRING DETOX, Week 1: Over the next 4 weeks, I'll be sharing the most powerful nutrition and lifestyle shifts you can make this spring to support your skin, energy, & healthiest weight from the inside out. You'll find it all on the @freepeople Bldg 25 blog, at blog.freepeople.com. This week, we go green! Check out the post for a really yummy recipe featuring one of my absolute favorite detoxifying beauty foods, and an addictive tahini-balsamic sauce that I made with @soomfoods tahini. #eatpretty #spring #detox #fpbeautyandwellness

  • soomfoodsOmg can't wait to make that tahini balsamic!!!! 😍😋
  • jolenehart@soomfoods SO good! 👍🏻✨🥄
  • mandiisssMira @pawers esta es la chava que escribió el libro de Eat Pretty 🌱
  • gotogirlnzI hope you're having a great day 💕 Just sharing some love 😊
  • cool_but_rudeI just used your dressing recipe for my salad at lunch -- you're right, it is SO addictive!
  • baliflowyoga🙏✨❤
  • pawers@mandiisss 🤗☘️💐
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