• lucedalecoA little story from earlier today, when I was waiting on my boarding gate, waiting for my flight to fly... And thinking that flying can be tiring, sometimes. Travel to balance. From the outside, we take care of our tools and devices. From the inside, we strengthen our core, maintain our body to be as healthy as possible. As someone who travels very often in short duration of time, I need to keep resting properly and power myself with sufficient supplement.
    Before posting this, I've tried consuming this Meniran pure extract from @Herbana.ID for a month, once per day. Made from highly concentrated Meniran herbs, these little buddies help to maintain immune support proactively.
    Added to my effort on getting better sleep and eat regularly, I managed to stay much more fit rather than before. Do give them a try - even my mom loves the fitness she felt after taking them regularly.
    If you want to purchase Herbana product, do use this code for a 50K OFF of your order : "claraxherbana". (A bottle of Meniran will only cost around IDR 92K, so the discount will make you pay so little for a full pack!) Stay fit, guys. Let's slowly fix our lifestyle and get enough vitamins for the body!

    #HerbanaDaily #Herbana #EffortlesslyPossible

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