• littlemissfearlessblogWhen you become a mom you hear that routines are good for babies, but the truth is they're also good for the mamas. I've used my alarm clock maybe three times this past year and it's not because we're not waking up early. It's because Benji is now the alarm clock and I swear I wake up so much happier. Even when he's screaming bloody murder it's better than waking up to an alarm because it's him. The love is so strong. Today I broke the routine with an early flight and I'll be away at work longer than I've been since he was born. Ugh, it stings in my throat. I saw a newborn tucked in his mama's carrier going through security this morning and I just about lost it. 😭 Hold on to your babies, your routines, your ordinary days, your families. They're the glue that helps us keep it together. #momlife #benjaminbear #workingmom #travel #adobesummit

  • lovebylynnAw hang in there mama! Its always hard leaving them. But this is So true! The simple things are the best things 🙏🏻❤️ happy birthday benj!
  • juststephh❤❤❤
  • ninaerin18Aww!!
  • talkwordytome_Amanda this is beautiful. Sometimes I get bored of my everyday but it's good to remember to be grateful for it. 💗
  • toreystreasuresSo adorable!!!
  • twigpetalessentialsHow adorable 💚💚💚
  • juliagoolia68I never had to leave mine when they were babies. I can't imagine how hard that would be. Working Mamas that have to travel are a strong breed! Hang in there!👊🏻❤
  • brooklync82Amen! So true. Just traveled without my baby and had the same emotions when I saw other moms and their babies in the airport! And this time in our lives as moms is so fleeting you just want to soak it all up
  • simpleandinspiredYour words always speak so true to me!! I traveled for the first time since having Finn a few weeks back and suddenly I noticed every other baby around me! 😭 it will make the reunion so much better tho!!
  • ivoryclaspamazinggg!
  • lyndiinthecityAwww so cute!!! ❤❤
  • golddustandsugarlustIt's so true mama! Hang in there and you will be home before you know it!
  • thebalancedglowLove!
  • styledbyhollyblogawesome!! 👍
  • vanessaeviganSo cute 😍
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