• skyler.mechellePeople who have endured trauma are scary. People who have experienced abuse are intimidating. People who live and navigate the world as minorities, who are slandered and mistreated and abandoned and silenced and spat upon, are terrifying. People who have had to turn a blind eye from the social norms we have been indoctrinated into, in order to survive, are made the enemy.
    They are more resourceful, more intuitive, more free than those who live privileged, because they have had to survive. And that makes them dangerous. And when something is dangerous, we either try and help it by knowing better than it…or we pretend it doesn’t exist.
    We attempt to place ourselves in their shoes, in order to give the dangerous thing the tools to become us. To be boxed in and controlled, by being known and understood. In well meaning niceties we can even give them the steps, and even say “I will take them with you.” Attempting to make their suffering better, by not listening to them.
    Im even doing it now, by thinking I could somehow possibly understand anything other than what I’ve been through. Which I can’t. It’s bullshit.
    But I’m dangerous in my own way. I’m very dangerous. Because I know how to play not only the game of how to be hidden in plain sight, adapting and assimilating into the societal roles I’ve been asked to, but I know how to leave them.
    That is life after trauma, and this danger is now my power. A power I am done being afraid of, because it is different, and now being honest about. I know what I need, and so do they.
    So I’m going to go ask them, as I learn to listen to myself and become the girl I was at 18. The one who walked through fire and learned how to pretend it was just fucking rain.
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  • skyler.mechelle@wintergroeschl you radiant starfish, I love you. Can we Skype soon?
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  • zemnEverything u give and write brings strength to my soul in a deep profound way!!! Going trough 🔥 pretending it's rain-Hallelujah!!! U R A GODDESS!!!
  • skyler.mechelle@zemn damn, thank you for touching my soul. You are loved
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