• alicewanderingHere's the deal @twinklerkhanna aka Mrs Funny Bones. You were on my mind all of today. I woke up in the morning and #read one of your columns online on a matter very close to my #heart. I completely agreed with you. Being #sexy actually has been used as a phrase around me to demerit my #work. I went for my power #yoga class wearing a "Bazinga" t-shirt with Sheldon's face on it. And then I rushed out in my "un"sexy attire running errands. I didn't want to deal with a parking nightmare and the #driver wasn't available. So, against all odds, I sat in one rick after another, allowing the bumpy sojourn to bring #clarity to my life. We were at a junction in Bandra when I was thinking I'll go to the Happy #Book stall tonight. Lo and behold, a street #bookseller shows me his stack at just that moment. To my delight, the book "Mrs Funny Bones" catches my eye. Could the Universe read my mind? I bought the not so official #copy because I couldn't wait to tear off the plastic and absorb the wisdom in those pages. And then I took this unflattering selfie with Twinkle Khanna's book in my hand, while sitting in a riksha looking far from sexy. Enjoy this #filtered picture while I go read #MrsFunnyBones and figure out a way to get in touch with the woman herself. At least they'll be funny words I think of. ♥️

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