A good strong heart. My favourite tea shop in town. Perfect Sunday Sun ☀️ #nutritarian #wholefoodplantbased
  • nickheywardA good strong heart. My favourite tea shop in town. Perfect Sunday Sun ☀️ #nutritarian #wholefoodplantbased

  • becky.florenceLovely. Drink lots of tea and you will stay forever young. They were doing hand reflexology at a spa I was at this weekend so you are ahead of the game. Plus spreading blue skies. ♡
  • comftyboldBlack 'n' white 'n' nice 'n' sunny. Rock 'n' roll 'n' tea is honey 🌞
  • _evie_c_@nickheyward my dad says, what are the chords for the middle eight of kite cos all online tabs sound wrong. He starts the song am-c blah blah blah. Thanks ☺
  • seasidesongsEvery Tea shop is my favorite Tea shop 🤓🤓
  • nickheyward@becky.florence Staying forever young sounds like a nightmare to me, Becky 😱☺️ Did you try it? I had it done once and found it just as effective as foot reflexology. Of course, as with all treatments it depends on the practitioner, doesn't it? If we're having heart or any kind of surgery they need to be outstanding 👨🏽‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️ I happen to know such a person in reflexology. Her name is Hannah Keildson. Based in Henley-On-Thames. She is absolutely outstanding. I literally dance like the penguins in Happy Feet after a treatment 🐧
  • nickheyward@seasidesongs Then you may need the two to become one, Seaside 🤓
  • seasidesongsThat's uncanny I was just looking at the John Shuttleworth album and there is a song called ..One cup of tea is never enough ( but 2 is 1 too many )
  • klebeesavReminds me I need to get my hair done
  • becky.florence@nickheyward hmm, you are right, staying young wouldn't be good in a "death becomes her" film way....scary. Time went too quickly for reflexology this time, but definitely something to try. Thank you for the recommendation for happy hands/feet. :-)
  • lassenbabyLove that dawg in the background! 👅
  • kokoskjSeason reach out the sun in Hawaii. Hot and dry. Sunshine so blight in freshly cleansed eyes... 🙏
  • dorothy_cricketAre you vegan??!!
  • rootsofthesunThank you so much, we appreciate you
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