• asma.nasaMeet my creative and production team @lovetodress.
    Even though I have the flexibility to work from home or my favourite cafe, I actually love it more when I’m in the office around my team.
    It’s an honour and a pleasure to work with each and every one of them because I know they have chosen to give their precious time to make LtDs vision come to life. I see them give their all and are passionate about what they do. There may be days where mistakes happen and things are overlooked, but we’re here to pick each other back up.
    I knew nothing about leading or managing a team, but they’ve helped me grow up so much without even knowing it. I’ve learnt and am still learning so much, and I really can’t imagine doing it with anyone else but you guys. ❤
    All of us matchy2 in our white @lovetodress blouses 😆

  • norafifahpipaNeed the bell sleeve top ......
  • sorataufiksLove your jeans asma!
  • aimyrzlnNawhh we love you!
  • emmasorayaYass! We love youu!
  • itashamaBut hangout at meja marketing gakkk🙄😜
  • atikahfazillahBecause asma' doesnt approve of our junk calorie intake 😂😂 @itashama and she doesnt want to be tempted by gongchas and tealive
  • mira.roziYassss!!! we love youuu 😘💃🏻
  • airus_suzieyMenariknyeeeee pic awak!
  • malaydiaries☺☺☺
  • aisyahhanumDear, is this toffee from fluff range?
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