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  • mikedeestro#BeautyAndTheBeast plot is actually kinda dark. Breaking and Entering, kidnapping, and attempted murder..... Thought it was ok, but musicals just aren't really my thing. Loved Emma Watson though.

  • cottonjoGreat review 😁👍🏻
  • mrsrachelrose_Oh it was sooo good!! But I think it was extra special because the cartoon such a huge part of my childhood. Seeing it come to life was really special! Went with my mom :)
  • tonibluemoonIt was amazing. I've read/seen so many versions and just when I thought it could not have been done any more interesting or exciting than it has already....TAA DAAA!!!! I'ts dark and light in all the right places. I want to see it again. It's beautiful. The Beast's voice is enchanting. Even my husband enjoyed it. Funny story. When he turned human, my husband said he liked the beast better. 2 seconds later Beauty said, "Have you ever considered growing a beard?"<3<3<3
  • monicabrowbarlrIt was amazing!!
  • armychicka12LOL! So true @mikedeestro ! I find that, when I think about them, a lot of the fairy tales from our childhood are "interesting" to say the least! Love your reviews! Thank you!!
  • jessc802I thought it was fantastic! Loved it 🤗
  • muchlovelizIt was perfect! I loved it! If you compare it to the other Disney movies they've done live action to this is by far the best one!
  • lais_andersYou need to love the essence of beauty and the beast! I LOVED It but my husband felt more like you @mikedeestro
  • irisheyes768Best movie I have seen in a long time 👍🏻👍🏻! Absolutely loved it💜💙
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