On point.
  • madovermarketing_momOn point.

  • neerajnidrerightly said..!!
  • _leena_joshiThat's the difference between marketing and selling. 👍
  • boldflake@_halfticket 😥
  • _halfticket@boldflake LOL
  • hiteshi_mThis is not ocmpletely correct, there are two type of businesses Product Oriented and Market Oriented. Market oriented businesses do the market research and then make products that are in trend. These are so mainstream, however, Product oriented businesses make product first, then try to sell it. For example Apple, they didn't do any market research, rather came up with somethings innovative and then tried to find customers, both approaches are equally important, also it is not necessary to find products which can be sold, that is what everyone do, step out of the comfort zone and try making new and innovative products!
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