Yesterday we went #Gwangjang Market, a huge open air traditional market with stores lining the sides of the streets selling clothes, toys, trinkets, silks, home appliances, anything you can think of, and small sit-down food stands running in the middle. There was so much activity! Women were making all sorts of #kimchi on the sides, selling fresh seafood and veggies, and the food stand vendors were constantly calling out, beckoning you to sit down to enjoy some piping hot dduk book gi (spicy rice cakes), live wriggling octopus pieces (I couldn't do it), kimbap (Korean sushi), mung bean pancakes, and more. We wandered around trying a bunch of street food and for lunch we had knife cut noodles with dumpling soup served with a side of kimchi so spicy and pungent my eyes watered. YUM. 😭
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