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  • ashly_locklinLet’s talk about being uncomfortable.
    If you could choose between:
    (a) being UNCOMFORTABLE in your clothes 24/7 because you’re overweight and unhealthy
    (b) being UNCOMFORTABLE by getting sweaty and sore 5 times a week
    Which would you choose?! 🤔
    Here’s the thing: I DON’T like exercise. 😳 I’m not a “fit freak” for “fitness fanatic.” I actually HATE getting sweaty and out of breath! 😭{Especially because I rarely get a chance to shower with baby girl always glued to me…but that’s a post for another day! 🙈}
    However, I KNOW how it feels to hate your body. 😫 To constantly be tugging at your clothes to hide the tummy bulge. To change a million times before leaving the house because nothing looks good. To cry every time you step foot in a dressing room. To lose your $hit when you can’t even get that pair of jeans over your knees. 😤
    So I CHOOSE to get uncomfortable 5 times a week and press play on my workout even though I don’t want to… BECAUSE I’d rather be uncomfortable for 30 minutes a day than uncomfortable ALL day for the rest of my life. 💪🏼
    It’s not always easy! Today was one of those days I had to dig deep, remember my goals, and rely on my discipline. It wasn’t pretty, but it got done. 🙌🏼
    If you want a taste of today’s workout and would like to tone those lower abs, give these moves a try! Do each exercise for 30 seconds then repeat this cycle from the start!
    {AND If you are ready to get uncomfortable so that you can live the rest of your life in comfort, check out the link in my bio! We start next week and I have a few spots left for women who want an easy to follow, EFFECTIVE workout plan they can do at home, superfood shakes to make them feel like superwomen, and a nutrition plan that’s all about portion control and balance - not a fad diet or deprivation plan!}

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  • hourme2You get it girl!! Which workout is this one?
  • jengarcia08Goals!
  • shannaniganz80Way to do those plank moves!!
  • ksweet_1029I would love to learn more about this!
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