• thewanderlustmovementWhat an amazing festival! After some of the larger festivals taking a turn for the worst, it's great to see smaller festivals like Mieliepop pulling strong numbers with only local bands (one epic lineup btw). Plus, the organisation has been top notch and the venue is incredible- I'll definitely be back next year!

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  • drifterplanet👌 👌
  • tonicartsrad!
  • blemishofficialAmazing.
  • jackdupradioThis is awesome!
  • hiccupthetravelingpenguin1 billion likes for this photo! =)
  • mieliepopfestThanx for the cool compliments and great pic!
  • jeepfootwear_zaAwesome 🌺
  • noi_berlinNice pics.
  • noi_berlinDo you have tips for jozi for me? Would love to experience the culture
  • thewanderlustmovement@noi_berlin visit Maboneng! It's super artsy, unique bars, art galleries and beautiful street art. There are also city walks you can do around there or in Soweto, but research to find ones that are ethical. If you like live music visit Good Luck Bar - they host a variety of artists and genres. Meville is also a cool area to go visit. Hells Kitchen is one of my favourite bars that has an edgy rock vibe. Joanna's is a few metres away and has a vintage vibe with its juke box. Let me know what else you like and I can give you personalised suggestions :)
  • noi_berlinThank you for the tips @thewanderlustmovement 😍
  • noi_berlinIs hey're something like a market which should be visited? Or a tattoo studio ? For a holiday remember tat. Any place which should be seen? And can we go to the bars in the evening? Or is it to dangerous? We ate located in Sandton :)
  • thewanderlustmovement@noi_berlin for tattoos I'd recommend the Black Lodge and Fallen Heroes. They are two of the best studios and I have incredible pieces from both places. There is a vegan market that takes place at the end of the month if you are into that, otherwise the Rosebank Sunday Market is quite popular and if you are here for the first Thursday of April, First Thursdays has a create night market as well as art galleries. Maboneng also has a market called Little Addis that has an Ethopian twist. And yes it is safe to go to the bars I mentioned at night, just stick with the crowd and dont go wondering off alone in dim lit places :)
  • thewanderlustmovement@noi_berlin this weekend there is also the Sandton Craft Beer Festival :)
  • noi_berlinThank you so much. 💜 There's nothing better than tips from people who know the places. ..in the Internet the Tipps are mostly not secret or outdated 🤗
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