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  • retrohipmama#gray1secondeveryday2017 for week 11. Something fun I discovered is that if you have Live Photos turned on, every photo you take essentially becomes a video clip you can use in the #1secondeveryday app! Cool huh?

  • cdnwithlittleaussiesI totally use the Live Photos. How easy to get the photo and video at the same time!!
  • llynx@retrohipmama How do you turn on Live Photos? 😊
  • retrohipmama@llynx it might already be on, it was defaulted on when I got a new iphone. you'll know if there is a yellow circle in the top center toolbar when you have your camera on. if not, you'll have to dig into your photo settings to turn it on. :)
  • jenhigniteLively is another awesome app I use quite a bit with my Live Photos and 1SE to turn them into mini videos 👍🏻 it also will let you save different frames from Live Photos if you didn't catch the exact moment in the photo!!
  • abrandnewdawn2Charlie is way more fun then my Lucky 😳 can we trade for a week 👍🏻
  • twogirlzstuffOh. Well that's freaking genius!!
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