• gtwinemagSix of Georgia’s most influential winemakers descended upon Sydney for @rootstock_syd in late November, bringing with them a plethora of ingredients for a traditional Georgian feast – and, of course, some of the country’s most sought-after bottles. ‘Wine is not just an alternative to beer or whisky – it’s a way of life and believed to be sacred,’ says John Wurdeman, an American visual artist and co-founder of Pheasant’s Tears winery in Georgia. While red varieties such as saperavi, shavkapito and the versatile tavkveri (pictured) are well represented, the white varieties of Georgian wine like chinuri and rkatsiteli are particularly sought after for their resulting full-bodied, dry and deliciously refreshing amber wines. #gtwine #georgia #georgianwine #pheasantstears #rootstock

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