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  • melissa.uchiyama.946We discovered something really fin about Lana: she thinks spitting out umeboshi (pickles plum) pits is absolutely hysterical! Pardon the not feeling well, snotty baby, and all the dinner stuff. This is life, man.

  • ketchupmomsSo cute and so free. Just the way childhood should be
  • leah.moskowitzI just want to eat her 🙊
  • brassbeebonnetsThis made my whole morning!
  • miss_panda_chineseThe amazing power of giggles and laughter is here! What a awesome to start the week!
  • thebingersthreeWhat a funny little darling! 😘😘😘
  • lisasadleirThat is just too cute 😍
  • mlkropp😂❤
  • jrbmakSooooo cute! Her hair!! 😍😍
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