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  • saintmotelThis week's #FAF (Fan Appreciation Friday) is a little late but here we go! These two amazing kids recorded this en route to our show, unfortunately they missed our set, but we had to share this video, what a voice 🎤 Jimmy and Ariel sent us this after the concert: "For Christmas this year, I bought us tickets to see you guys play in Pittsburgh on Tuesday at the Petersen Events Center. I bought a hotel in advance, paid for dinner, and we were set. Problem was, our Lyft driver called 45 minutes after we requested to say he hadn't left for us yet. By the time we got another driver, we hit bad traffic and we missed your set. When she realized what happened -- we showed up right before Panic! went on -- I could tell she was devastated. This is the same girl who covered Puzzle Pieces on the car ride to your show because she was so excited"

  • mmast999@brynn.m.campbell I'll learn to play the ukulele of you'll drive
  • brynn.m.campbellDreams really do come true😂 @mmast999
  • taylor.graythis is amazing! and puzzle pieces is one of my favorite songs, i'm so glad you guys performed it i almost cried😂
  • janessa.hiAmazing! I saw you guys just this past Wednesday and y'all killed it! Officially obsessed!😍
  • spamanda420@riveranevelyn what's her user
  • no_duns_intendedThis is so precious oh my gosh
  • angeliaaeschbacherOmg! Love her!
  • nicoilcapellone👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻
  • stargirlwonderssAdorable
  • riveranevelyn@spamanda420 Ariel McCleary / https://youtu.be/b7GdF1UQiME
  • midmapguitar👊
  • careytwitchellSweet!! Sorry you missed the show. So saaaad!😭
  • ashley_tibbitsCute
  • belenzamoragI agree. What a voice. 😍😍
  • mcsquariel@mandicolorshair I JUST NOW SAW THIS N I AM CRYING OMG THEY POSTED IT 😭😭
  • mandicolorshair@spamanda420 this is @mcsquariel !!
  • mcsquarielTHANK YOU SO MUCH for posting my cover of your song! I love your music. I was so upset we missed your set in Pittsburgh. But the fact that you posted this on your insta makes everything okay :) Thanks @saintmotel
  • spamanda420@riveranevelyn @mandicolorshair tysm!!!
  • fish._.armsOmg she's really good! It's sauces that she had to miss it :/
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