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  • olorisupergalDear Bisola...
    #BBNAIJA #Olorisupergal #OSG

  • glam_up_with_mprez_We can't really blame bisola... We love differently.... @itshaute you've said it all
  • ciromassceHer thing don dey scratch her.
  • ndokipikin_123Bisola get over your emotions....this kind acting sef you will be alright o. Get a grip on yourself jare
  • oxlinebabyShe dey point one hand for person four the bounce back on her,she want tboss to go without knowing God's intention abeg waka pass joor your case na moi-moi
  • sandraobis@mimiajosey ESE said in her dream she saw he was married, bisola didn't kn
  • oxlinebaby@monicaosagie lol you don kill me die.....silly you joooor
  • oxlinebaby@sandra_ajayi true talk my dear ooo
  • oxlinebaby@creamycy only tboss dey use her sense for that hiuse she play you,you play her life goes 25M with an open eyes😩😩😩
  • mimiajoseyLol she did not say in her dream oooo. She even said it when she was interviewed on TV that she had to tell her cos she felt for her @sandraobis. Plus the relationship was just a fling thing and she knew about that cos he told her
  • elde_eAll this peps faking tears...Fvck love or emotions, it's a game and 25m and other endorsement is bae..Luck is working for you, you are lying down there crying like Egbere...omo ale!
  • firmativepropertiWe are compensating her with the money and the brand new SUV. Haters get pure water
  • smartdonnieShe is human and a lady at that. Guess they are fragile and that is why she has to feel the bitter part of it at the split. She should just move on for the money and fame sake.
  • primewealthproLet's make your pocket juicy enough for her, sign up at primewealthpro.com
  • lyndaa_oAny ways this will help her lose weight....go on girl
  • _lamiposi@firmativeproperti yes o
  • adornmentsngNonsense and ingredients smeee
  • diva4jenny@ @mimiajosey ESE the fake house mate told her it was in dream she said in her dream did you even wtach it.
  • mimiajosey@diva4jenny ESE entered the house the same week it was all over social media that he had a family. Even when asked when she left the house she never said it was in her dream. But she said that because that was the only way she could as a fake housemate. And yes I did watch it ma😑
  • jummyjay01@iyunadeoluwa @rukkylicious see ur sister...
  • eikechukwuodumSee this one mourning another person's husband lol if only she knew
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