• gracelacedTickle-master, big brother boo-boo-fixer, resident-optimist, problem-solver, tone-setter, playlist-curator, patient-listener, bottomless-pit, baby-lover, avid-reader, self-starter, adventure-junkie, grace-giver, careful-heart-handler...and our all around favorite teen.
    He doesn't let me go a day without a bear hug from him, and I won't let him go a day without laughing his head off with me. He's the original Simons Mancub, the one who made me a mama bear, and today he's 15. 🎉 {And yes, this was moments after the annual #simonsbirthdayhugs pic!}
    Also: Thanks for loving and growing alongside our family, friends. I sure love sharing snippets of our lives here and in instastories....cuz where the gospel intersects at home + where we have the most unfinished business is the heart from where all the other stuff I do here overflows. ❤

  • gracelaced@kandmstevens oh you made his day! ❤
  • stephanie.28Happy Birthday, Caleb! 🎂🎊🎉🎈I have loved getting to know him & Liam through track. (I'm helping coach relay teams.) I don't know him very well, but I KNOW that he is awesome and has a heart for the Lord! @gracelaced
  • gracelaced@l_gemes aww thank you!
  • gracelaced@whollygail it's going by faster than I thought possible. 😭❤
  • gracelaced@kathypittluck thank you!!
  • jackiedepaivaHe's a beautiful, precious boy. And he's blessed to have you as his mama. It's been a privilege to follow you these last two years and see your gorgeous tribe grow. Happy birthday to your mancub.
  • treecedawnThank you for always sharing! What a pleasure
  • threadsandbeams
  • pharmgal22He sounds like an amazing man of God!! Happy Birthday to him!! 🎉🎉🎉
  • seangelaVery sweet💛what a blessing
  • jessetterI love the way he loves his brothers! Watching him comfort the little one with the cactus prickles made me tear up. So precious. I wish my brothers loved each other like that. Well done mama! God Bless you!
  • radiantruthHallelujah!
  • amchouI refuse to believe he's 15. 🙅 So crazy!!! I love the "resident optimist" description. We love you Caleb! Hope you had a great birthday! 💙
  • farmgirlgardensMy daughter is 14. Can we just set them up now? 👫What an awesome family you have!
  • cherie_haughton💞
  • cathryn_lewisBeing the Mama of 4 girls and having 3 Granddaughters, I appreciate the work you and the Mr. pour into your boys, we will always need men of Jesus loving men.
  • dawn_walker772Happy 15😇
  • teresaswanstromandersonIt's really too bad y'all don't have fun 😉💕
  • gnarly_annaYour story this morning...💘💘💘💘💘!!!!
  • digigirl61Happy Birthday to your oldest!
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