• mariasansoneYou never know who you'll run into on the streets!! 🌈
    #cousins #sundayfunday #raisedonthestreets

  • theatreemily❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹
  • kaar_garitaHow cute!!! Gracie is so happy hugging Elmo. Hope you're doing well, Maria! We miss you in the morning.
  • faithfitzI need the overalls! Where did you get them???
  • mariasansone@faithfitz they're maternity! Ordered via amazon. Let me check brand. 🤔
  • ronnievasquez3302Awesome!😀Enjoy!😀🖒
  • strideordieHow adorable! 💛💜💚💗Sidebar: Keep PBS on the air
  • mariasansone@strideordie we ❤️pbs
  • ivycarnegie😊
  • faithfitzI love them! Thank you!
  • jaime6656We miss you 😢😞 enjoy while you can, make us suffer 😃😃😃😃 😘💕💞❤😘💕💞❤
  • mrandmrssauceBeautiful! As much as we hate that ur gone from gdla, and no longer watch might I add! It truly was a blessing in disguise for u because u get to spend this time with ur beautiful growing family... while u get to enjoy growing a tiny human! Enjoy this time and may God bless u guys!
  • shoushigkGraceys faceeee sooo cute
  • jess21cortezYou are so pretty... Even more glowing
  • lizdhallDid you leave Fox11 @mariasansone ?? That's the only reason why I watched in the am. 😔
  • hanna_barberafanI love this! Glad to see all of you having fun 😊 btw, you look so happy and even more prettier...we miss you on tv, but this picture says it all 😊
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