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  • bigbrothernaija_liveupdatesYo! Bisola got played #natheworkweywedeydo #bbnaija

  • 360ushers*Tboss
  • onyilicous@360ushers if it was tboss Bisola would have cried? Are u kidding? If she cries for tboss that means all her tears for tony will be all fake cos she's not even close to her and am sure she doesn't like her but Wats my own? Everyone is an actor in dre they are working with a script I even heard d winner is known already so I don't take bbn so personal Infact I like everyone am not against anyone ..but truth be told tboss can be so annoying most times
  • tomitintin.x@eminadabody I'm still trying to understand that.😩 @ib_montana u hav time to be attending to every hateful comments. Na for bbnaija page these ppl dey popular but TTT is known all over and nigga is going places. Well he's gone so his haters should gaan fry spit.
  • 360ushers@onyilicous I think u didn't get my point,I never said she was going to cry for Tboss,I said she expected Tboss or debie to go home instead of TTT,she is not close to both of them so y would she cry when they leave?
  • 360ushers@onyilicous thank God u know Tboss can be very exasperating,honestly my opinion I see no reason y I should like her,expect for her fine face
  • onyilicous@360ushers even with the fine face I still don't like her .. She's too manipulative I can't cope with that kinda friend .she"s even more annoying with her plenty tattoes and piercings but she isn't paying my bills and I don't wish to even meet her so wats my own? But now I believe Wat someone who left d house said ., bbnaija is a scam they know y they are keeping tboss dre.. I heard she's a shareholder in the company o.,ok let me come and be going !!
  • 360ushers@onyilicous 😂😂😂😂
  • anniechimeIf what works Pls? This guy is crazy o!
  • ib_montana@onyilicous U made complete sense joor, Bisola would have cried the same way she did if it was Bally who got evicted last night, literally she did the same with ese and John, some people wouldn't be smart enough to recall that scene. The fact that he didn't mention his family doesn't make him a Cassanova, it's all a game so he played it well. Y'all will be surprised Tony's wife knew about the game place because they know what Bbn entails they were in for the money. Person wey go reach house carry him thing enta room go do normal normal
  • ndidiamaka_anagbosoTTT said yes I know I felt something for her and I still do. He also said that Bisola is a friend that I will like to keep for life. So how and when did ttt denied Bisola. Common people' una IQ low shaa. Jobless Swt of fools. Nah only to dey change words nah him una sabi do well well.
  • anastaciaadaeze@ib_montana shut up your smelly mouth Abeg.mumu.with your face like mess.ode!!! Something promiscuous KO,... You better go and get a refund of your school fees or mechanic shop wey u pay to learn work cos you are just waste of space.
  • sisi_phummieFuck bisola ....its a fucking game man...why catch feelings...mtcheew!
  • ib_montana@anastaciaadaeze so e pain u, but I never insulted u na 😂😂😂. Ahh u also knew my mouth smells like shit 😁, na wetin make u carry another person matter for head like gala u ugly piece of shit, Laff won kee me die for here, you're so immature bitch, naso e pain u reach u dingus cocksucker fucking ass peddler. Infact neither did I attend a higher institution nor learnt mechanic, I'm a brick layer u ugly shmuck poontang, such a dumb mug 😂😂😂😂
  • gracejunkieyMumu!!!! How can he even suggest waiting till after the house!????!
  • anastaciaadaeze@ib_montana na your mama teach me na.ewu Gambia ,with your fat lip like cow yansh..You better die of laughter.i see you just learnt some new words boy,son of a BITCH. Product of rape and Incest.Dem use you wash belle and dropped you on your head when dem born you that's why you think like a imbecile.
  • ib_montana@anastaciaadaeze Aww poor bitch I wouldn't mention your momma just yet, immature slut ☺☺☺. You're a failed abortion whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory😊😊😊. I'm sure u must have been born on a highway because that's where most accidents happen, apparently you're born by accident, bitch if I had a face like yours I would sue my parents 😂😂😂. U lame brain-dead rectum stiffing slut, you're so ugly that u should get 364 extra days to dress up for Halloween. U really need to check on olx to see if they have a life for sale coz u ain't got one yet 😂😂😂..Bring it on slut, I'll ruin your lowlife career on IG.. Oloriburuku ☺☺..
  • glammeprobeautyNigerians mentality and IQ though smh* He said he felt sthg for her and shes a friend she will keep fr life una turn around him talk na akorgheri.The guy was into bisola big time am sure that's why he started moving away to avoid serious intimacy wth her and said after the house so she will know the truth because ttt couldn't stand bisola and bally when de started getting close and Dtz jealousy.. @adaobiepelle
  • nwaclaribel@ib_montana chisox! Bro That was too hash... the matter no reach this one na. Mekwe for national piece
  • rukylaju@iambisola
  • khannyesHow did she get played ? You can hear him saying they spoke on it , it's not even the first time he is saying that , just watch the caption u use
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